One-Day Introductory Course

in Mindfulness

for Stress Management


Costs per person for the 1-day immersive Mindfulness courses are:

Mindfulness Training in Harlow/Henham                                                                  £50.00

Mindfulness Training including the iom2 Device                                                   £375.00

Normal selling price for the iom2 - £275.00

Including, tea/coffee and lunch (Over 18s Only)

Venue: OSCA Hall Elsenham, Essex

Training Dates:


10:00 to 16:00

Please contact us for the 2020 dates.


This One-Day Introductory Course in Mindfulness in Henham, Essex, is designed specifically to offer you an opportunity to learn how to relate differently to the stressors and challenges that will appear in your life. A way that is clear, focused and with easy to achieve practices.

By attending this course you will discover how your core beliefs are deeply affecting the way you feel and how you can be effective in changing your responses to feelings, thoughts and events.

Our brains are pre-programmed with an instinctive negative bias, which served us well in the early days of human evolution. The reason for this was survival and protection of our future race. This Fight/Flight/Freeze reaction still holds us in its grip today, and rightly so, leading us to try and manage stressful situations by matching them up with past events. If the mind can’t find an event then it will look for or create a possible future one. Thus, we are constantly being pulled around by thoughts, emotions and anxieties leading to increased stress levels, limiting beliefs and low mood.

The day you are attending will consist of 3 core Mindfulness skills where you will be guided through the process of understanding what effects negative thinking has on our bodies and how the reactions from this stress affects ourselves and others.

You will be guided to develop the awareness and skills that Mindfulness has taught so many people over the years and to connect with a more mindful way of ‘being’ - learning to pay moment-to-moment attention to the breath, the body, the mind and the world around you in a way that is more compassionate, less reactive and non-judgemental

Being Mindful, we are better able to choose our reactions and attitudes instead of being a slave to them. An increased sense of choice and heightened aliveness that comes with moment to moment awareness enables us to better determine our own health and well-being, thus connecting us with deeper levels of joy and happiness. 

The day is experiential which means that you will learn through ‘being’; with your direct experience and the shared experience of the group. You will have an opportunity to explore and share your experience of these practices, together with additional experiential exercises and discussion. 

We will explore the relevance of mindfulness to modern living, and how you can bring mindfulness into your everyday life in practical and simple ways. 

One of the greatest benefits of being a part our one-day course is realising that you are not alone in your struggle and experience. This can play an important role in directing you back onto your path to health and well-being and to getting the most from life!


There is also an opportunity to take your practice to deeper levels by using the iom2 Biofeedback device. This means that you will have guides, mentors and interactive sessions where ever you are, where ever you go.

Some people find that after completing their Mindfulness training, they begin to slide back in to old ways and patterns of thinking, over time. To help overcome this there is a limited amount of the iom2 Biofeedback device available for those who wish to really deepen their experience and monitor their progress on a session by session basis.


The iom2 helps to deepen your practice, through either working with the guided mindfulness programs or by using the interactive events to move things on the screen by breath and emotion management through this unique Focused Attention Training™.

To see how this unique device works click on the following link:


The iom2 device measures you’re your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). The higher your HRV on a regular basis the more likely you are to affect changes in the brain wiring moving you away from its natural negative bias to states daily calm and improved health. Videos showing this remarkable device can be seen on my posts or shared with via YouTube, where you will see the amazing amount of personal guidance along with interactive and immersive Mindfulness practices that will increase your motivation toward wellness.


This is a secular course with no religious content offering a day of Mindfulness practice, group enquiry and experiential learning. 

An opportunity to explore:

  • New and skilful ways of relating to the challenges and stressors in work, life and relationships. 

  • Mindfulness as a way to living our lives in the present moment, and the ease that comes with non-judgmentally awareness.

  • The foundational attitudes of mindfulness for presence, self-esteem/compassion and well-being. 

  • Exploring stress reactions in mind, body and emotions and how to manage these mindfully. 

  • Introduction to 3 formal mindfulness meditation practices. 

  • Formal practice as a means of developing Focussed Attention Training (FAT™), awareness, compassion and acceptance. 

  • Mindfulness at work and in everyday life some practical tools.


  • Facilitator: Kelvyn Lynch (MBACP)